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Sorting the booze for your wedding

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

There is something about supplying alcohol for their wedding that sends most brides into a bit of a tail spin. Okay, read on cause this is what you need to know.

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There is something about supplying alcohol for their wedding that sends most brides into a bit of a tail spin. I mean, sure you have hosted a party before - but was it BYO or where you supplying the whole bar and did you need to cater for all the different tastes - your dad, your Nana, and your new hubby’s work mates? Probably not. Okay, so where do you start when you are planning your wedding bar?

“The best advice we can offer is keep it simple. ”

Don’t waste the bubbles

Nothing breaks our little Blume and Darling hearts more than wasted champagne, so we beg you to let people choose what they will toast your brand-new union with.  Don’t open bottle after bottle of Moet and place one on every table – and definitely don’t set a glass in front of every guest. Save the good stuff for those who want it.

Ask your MC to make an announcement ten to twenty minutes before the speeches begin, and let your guests know this is the perfect time to charge their glasses with whatever they prefer to toast your union with. And if they would like a glass of champagne, it is available at the bar for them. 

We also don’t recommend putting bottles of wine on tables for the same reason.

Have the option to return

If you are happy to have left over booze, or you think your quantity is so bang on point you’ll drink the bar dry at around the last song, skip this point. If you’re thinking you want enough to go the distance, and you want to play it safe, buy from the likes of Glengarry and Liquor King. Glengarry will let you return up to 20% of your original order, and Liquor King will let you return whatever bottles (or cases when it comes to beer) are left over.

We understand that Countdown offers some pretty amazing wine sales throughout the year, so if you can sweet talk the store manager into letting you return un-opened bottles, go for it, but most are reluctant to. 

As we said at the start, your wedding bar doesn’t have to be intimidating. Keep it basic. Don’t try to please everyone, and make sure you have all the essentials to keep the night running smoothly (like Ice and bottle openers) and the party side of your wedding will be truly epic!

Picking your booze

This seems to be where it gets a little tricky because, in our experience, this is where couples try to please everyone! Trust us, keep it basic; everyone will find something to drink and you won’t be left with a whole pile of random left overs at the end of the night.

Our suggestion is; a choice of two white wines, one red, one bubbles, two beers, and your non-alcoholics -  water, juice or punch - and a soft drink (lemonade is popular, fyi, but just pick one or two flavours).  For your wine, – Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc are solid choices for the whites, and a Pinot Noir or Merlot good for your red.

A note on Red wine. Unless you are getting married on a snowy winter night, don’t go overboard on your red wine purchase. If you know your crowd are die hard red wine drinkers, sure, get as much as you need, but six to twelve bottles will generally be more than enough for a summer wedding.

When it comes to beer, do a quick ask-around of some of your guests, prior to the wedding day of course, and pick the two most popular replies (then see our next point on not forgetting the basics!)

During 2018/2019 a good sparkling or still rose has been really popular, so if you are thinking of mixing it up, rule out one of the whites, or, if you really want to - add to your order.

Blume and Darling Wedding Bar Staff

Don’t forget the basics

Ice, we are looking at you here! Oh so often, brides forget to plan the little details of their bar. Make sure you have bottle openers, if your beers aren’t twist top; ice buckets if you are serving wine on your tables; limes if you’re serving Carona (or anything else that appreciates a slice). Make a list of all the little things you need on your bar and hire, or buy, them for the day!

Have amazing bar staff

First off, having a bar team isn’t as expensive as you think.

Here are some of the reasons why having ace bar staff makes your wedding day easier:

They clean up. Think back to the last house party you had, and how the clean-up looked the next day…. now imagine that in all your reception wedding photos.

- They keep everyone topped up. Nothing worse than having empty glasses.

- Save on wastage. They are likely to be among only a few sober people at your wedding, so they will make sure you don’t end up with a mountain of half opened bottles at the end of the night.

- You and your bridal party won’t have to mount a military mission to get to the bar. Let’s face it, it’s your wedding, and after all that planning you deserve a bit of waiting on!

- Personality. The one place your guests are going to be visiting the most (probably closely followed by the rest room) is the bar, so add to your wedding day experience with some fun and efficient bar staff.

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