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Chances are once the "I Do's" are said and the congratulations has been offered, the next port of call for your guests will be the bar - so it makes sense to hire a bar team that is focused on providing the ultimate guest experience.

Our packages are designed to be easy to choose from, simply decide if you want a full service package for the whole night or just until the dancing starts and then pick the package that suits your guest numbers.


We have a special cocktail package that can be added to any bar package to help take your wedding to the next level.  

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Our team are qualified professional with a service style designed to create the ultimate guest experience. We keep the drinks flowing and the tables clear of empty bottle and glasses, all while providing the little extra service details to really complete your day. 

We offer a number of different packages so regardless of if you are looking for the team to take you from champagne hour to last call or for just a few hours to get you started you'll find the package just perfect for you.

Packages starting from $630*

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When your day needs a something a little bit special on the menu, add a cocktail (or two) to the drinks list.​ Be it a signature favourite from your first date, or an old fashioned classic, our mixologist team will wow and delight with your chosen creations. Some of our most popular options include Mojito, Espresso Martini and Summer Punch.

Our cocktail packages are pre-made and served in mason jars with ice and an eco friendly straw. This allows for quick & easy service on the day to ensure your guests can continue to enjoy your special day. Cocktail packages can be purchased just for cocktail hour or throughout the night. 

Cocktail packages are sold in batches of 50 servings and include alcohol and staff to serve drinks (must be purchased in conjunction with a bar staff package). Each batch can be a different flavour cocktail so why don't try a mix of 3 or 4 unique flavours!

Recommended servings:

50 Cocktails

Recommended small weddings or elopements 10 - 25 guests


100 Cocktails

Recommended small weddings or cocktail hour 25 - 50 guests


200 Cocktails

Recommended medium sized weddings or cocktail hour 50 - 100 guests


300 Cocktails

Recommended average to large sized weddings 100 - 150 guests

Packages starting from $550*



Picking what to serve was the easy part, but now you have to decide what glassware you need.  We have done the work and put together glassware packages so you don't have to. Just remember this simple rule, you always need more than what you think!

Our packages are based on your guest numbers so it makes choosing the right one for you simple.

Packages starting from $450*

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